New works for Intonarumori

Sarah Norris, Cityscape
Instrumentation: 3 intonarumori and recording
This piece is intended to place the Futurists' enthusiasm about the urban world in a modern context. Three intonarumori parts are arranged around a recording of the composer taking a walk downtown on a weekday afternoon.

Philip Moody & Chris Petkus, 1/4
Instrumentation: 4 intonarumori with video
An improvisation piece for four intonarumori and video footage of the city in which the piece is performed.

Brent Fariss, Der Idiotprinz
Instrumentation: male vocalist, 3 intonarumori/percussion, soprano saxophone, oboe, and piano
A tiny opera based on an incompetent world leader. The work is influenced by Futurist thinking, absurdist prose, and over-the-top 20th-century German opera.

Kirk Laktas & James Alexander, Long for a Change
Instrumentation: 2 intonarumori with live processing
A duet for intonarumori that are treated, wheeled, plucked, looped, and bowed.

Travis Weller, For Strings, Winds, and Intonarumori
Instrumentation: 3 intonarumori, 2 flutes, soprano sax, violin, viola, bass
A piece for nine players dealing with instability and technology.

Alex Keller, Loop-scavenged
Instrumentation: 3 intonarumori
Loop-scavenged examines the range of Russolo's intonarumori by using each one as the generator of a fixed sound, with the performer focusing on making his part sound machine-generated. The intention is to create a simple structure that contrasts with the organic, raw sound of the intonarumori, and yields an environment that is at once mechanical and organic. The piece borrows its title from a specific design of two-cycle internal combustion engine that operates in much the same way as the three parts in the piece. It's interesting that our perception of the organic qualities of sound has changed so much since the invention of the intonarumori; what then was perceived as harsh, mechanical and crude now feels more natural in comparison to the hum of a computer, the ring of a cell phone, the compression of an overdriven car stereo or the buzz of an electric guitar.

Peter Stopschinski, Onomatopoeia
Instrumentation: 3 intonarumori, piano, tin whistles, recitation
Piece of music for piano, tin whistles, and 3 intonamori with recitation. Homage to F.T. Marinetti's onomatopoetic poetry.

Holland Hopson, x seconds of crackling / x seconds of lapping
Instrumentation: 4 intonarumori
X seconds of crackling / X seconds of lapping focuses on some of the musical interactions possible among 4 intonarumori. It is a little-known fact that Luigi Russolo never shook hands with Mississippi John Hurt.